Niger Coup:Wagner forces land in neighbouring Mali to aid Niger against Nigeria

The arrival of Russian mercenary group Wagner in Mali with soldiers, arms and ammunition, has introduced a new twist into the crisis over the military coup in Niger Republic
He claimed that the arrival of its team in Mali is to assist the Mali military government to dislodge terrorists and “any other interest”, according to a report monitor on Al-Jazeera.


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They pledged to join Niger in resisting any form of force that might be used against the Niger junta. 

To give vent to their pledge, they have reportedly moved troops to Niamey as a backup to the Niger military.
ECOWAS has rejected the three-year transition plan hinted by Niger coup leader General Abdourahamane Tchiani, reaffirming the possibility of use of force should dialogue fail.

The junta has also insisted that it would not respect ECOWAS position.

The Wagner presence in Mali, which shares a long border with Niger is believed  to be part of giving support in Niger.

The coup leaders had requested support from Wagner, and Prigozhin said his men were ready to provide

A former Russian official claimed Wagner and the Russian state conspired to facilitate the military coup in Niger.

“The recent coup in Niger was carried out in close cooperation with Russian special services and Private Military Company (PMC) consultants,” claimed Russian military blogger Mikhail Zvinchuk, a former press officer for Russia’s defence ministry, who uses the alias “Rybar”.
Nigeria president had boasted to invade . His citizens are against war with Nigeriens who are closely related to the northern part of the country. In reaction Niger has positioned troops near Sokoto and in the northern Benin republic giving them easy access to Nigeria FCT and South western Nigeria in case of war.
There are reports of attempt by France to invade Niger by air through Algeria. Air invasion means limited troops…the main route to Niger by land is Nigeria and if any country attacks Niger it will retaliate on Nigeria

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