Following threats by Malian Leader…Tinubu asks for further negotiations by islamic scholars with Nigerien leaders

Following the threats made by the Malian leader yesterday, in the event of Tinubu sending his forces to attack Niger, Bola Tinubu gave the Islamic delegation who visited Niger last week, the green light to purse further Negotiations with the Nigerien authorities.


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The Malian leader yesterday said
If ECOWAS dares to invade Niamey, Niger, we will not only intervene, but at the same time we will militarily invade Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to bring back the rightful winner of the 2023 election. He added: “We are fully aware of the real winner of the presidential election” – said Asimi Goita .
The reason for this open threat is unknown…meanwhile two other African military powers Algeria and Egypt have disassociated themselves from military invasion of Niger

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