Wagner’s rotation in Africa and dialogue with the Russian government

AFRICA INTEL: Wagner’s rotation in Africa and dialogue with the Russian government Our sources told us interesting facts regarding the negotiations between Wagner PMC and Russian government that involve Africa and Wagner’s presence there.


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Apparently, just the day before the plane, on which PMC’s boss Yevgeny Prigozhin allegedly was traveling to Moscow, crashed, an agreement was reached with one of the security agencies of the Russian Federation.

This agreement was made to separate Russian Ministry of Defense and Wagner, so to make them focus on different directions and tasks in the interests of the Russian Federation and make sure they don’t overlap each other, in order to prevent another conflict and “mutiny”. Wagner was supposed to partially return to Ukraine and even more intensify its activities on the African continent. So Russian idea was to increase the presence of the PMC in Africa and, following the idea of separation of tasks between Wagner and the Ministry of Defense, make the group one of the main Russian military actors on the continent.

Source :DD geopolitics

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