WE’RE BEING CHASED OUT OF AFRICA” Oh dear, if you want the official French reason on why France has to stay in Niger, here it is. Chalon-sur-Saône Mayor, Gilles Platret, says it loud and clear: economic interests. What’s worse, he blames…wait for it…Russia for the anti-French sentiment sweeping the Sahel and the coup in Niamey.


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Western leaders fail to fathom the grass-roots uprising against exploitative French policies. France has enjoyed a near monopoly on dealings with Francophone countries. It controls their economies, issues their currency, and mandates a fraction of their reserves be held in Paris.

In Niger, half a century of exporting premium quality uranium to power over 30% of French energy needs hasn’t saved them from being the second-poorest country in the world. A massive Western military footprint hasn’t saved thousands from terrorist killings across the Sahel. A crisis stemming from NATO’s bombing of Gaddafi’s Libya a decade ago. Rather than introspection and change, the West remains committed to hubris. Have a listen to Monsieur Platret fret about his country’s future as it loses its grip over West Africa. #France #Niger #Russia #NATO

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