Another victim of criminals masquerading as agitators goes home

Behold Mr White will be laid to rest soon. He was gunned down at Nkwelle Ezunaka few weeks ago by Criminals masquerading as IPOB ESN when they tried to snatch his Mercedes Benz Car … this is the Biafra Igbos are clamoring for. I pray everybody who supports this evil Biafra


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fall victim to same evil they support. More then 60% of Igbos can no longer go back their towns because criminals masquerading as IPOB ESN are all over their towns & LGA’s kidnapping, snatching Cars, killing well meaning Igbos. This is what useless Biafra brought to Igboland

Just like Mr White, thousands of well meaning Igbos have been killed by Criminals IPOB ESN in the past two years in Anambra and Imo States alone. Their only Crime is that they’re doing well! They were killed by IPOB Dregs, Kidnappers and Criminals masquerading as freedom fighter

Source: Jahbless06 on twitter

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