Why is this Tinubu requiring a VISA to travel to USA when he is a citizen?/ A take

The subpoenaed documents produced by Chicago State University and signed by the registrar, Mr. Caleb Westberg shows that, aside from being a Nigerian and Guinean citizen, Bola Tinubu secretly holds U.S. citizenship


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The actual document describes Tinubu as “ U.S citizen named “Bola Tinubu” However, this fake Tinubu seeks U.S. visa to travel to the United States, something is very wrong. How and why? This can simply means he was the actual Bola Tinubu who was the citizen of United States.

QED This simply means that the “Bola Tinubu” who was the citizen on file is not the same “Bola Tinubu” who hijacked Nigerian election and became fake president Once you are a citizen of U.S, visa is no longer required. Why is this Tinubu requiring a VISA to travel to USA when he is a citizen? Quite interesting.

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