Ndigbo need to key into the idea of Aku ru ulo(Return home)/A take

From my knowledge, IPOB has already started a campaign to encourage our people to take their investment to Biafraland, we have asked our people in Yorubaland and North to relocate their business


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That announcement was made by the IPOB leadership after the election. One problem we have with our people who don’t share self-determination ideology is that instead of them helping us to campaign strongly on such a good idea, their envy and jealousy because it came from IPOB will make them antagonise it.

Yes, IPOB have already started a campaign on it, Our people need to buy the idea and we will always support any progressive idea regardless of our political opinion differences. The governors have also been made aware to provide our people with lands to relocate their business. We need more campaigns on that and everyone MUST join in that including our people on the media. Ndewo

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