Activists share X contacts of prominent Chicago journalista and urge Nigerians to tag them in matters relating to Bola Tinubu

Dear Nigerians,


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Below is a list of some of the most influential Journalists in Chicago Illinois where the Chicago State University is. We need to get them talking about this case and the Drug trafficker wobbling around in Abuja.

We must get the world to talk about the fact that CSU is trying to cover up a clearly forged certificate of Bola Tinubu!

Please copy and tag them in your tweets to get them talking if possible!!

Cheryl Burton
@BurtonABC7, Ryan Baker @RyanBakerMedia, Andrea Hanis @AndreaHanis, DIANE PATHIEU @pathieuabc7, John Pletz @johnpletz, Blair Kamin @BlairKamin, Darleneh
@darlene_hill, Tanveer Ali @tanveerali, Dawn Hasbrouck
@DawnHasbrouck, Judy Hsu @JudyHsuABC7
Andreas Rekdal @arekdal, Michelle Relerford @MRelerfordNBC, Andy Ihnatko @Ihnatko
Érika Maldonado @erikamoficial, Marley Kayden @MarleyKayden, Scott Kitun @kitun, Shia Kapos
@ShiaKapos, Lourdes Duarte @LourdesWGN, Nancy Loo
@NancyLoo, Amy Güth @amyguth, Anthony Ponce @anthonyponceTV, Steve Grzanich @SteveGrzanich
Peter Margasak @pmarg, Richard Roeper @richardroeper
Jennifer White @JWhitePubRadio, Marissa Bailey @MarissaBaileyTV, Sadè michelle🎀 @sademichelle
Robert Feder @RobertFeder, David Kaplan @thekapman


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