If you blackmail the judiciary to twist justice…you risk a youth uprising, Ex president Jonathan warns politicians

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has warned politicians not to blackmail or squeeze the judiciary and the society, or else they risk a revolt from young Nigerians.


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In a video seen on social.media, the former President was seen speaking at an event, admonishing the audience on the importance of keeping the rule of law.

He said: “While we are doing the job that we are meant to do, let us not, because the judiciary is very conservative, try to blackmail them or squeeze them. Sometimes when we have political power, we become so blinded, especially when you are in the security forces. But society is changing, so we must admonish ourselves.

Civil society is becoming very active and certain things that we do and get away with, we may not get away with tomorrow. If we take laws into our hands and try to squeeze society, the young people will react. It happened when I was president, in a sister country, Burkina Faso.

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