Niger has increased the price of Uranium From Euro.0.8/kg to Euro 200/Kg

Niger increases the price of uranium from now Niger can quietly enjoy its uranium and undertake major projects for the country. France imposes its price on Niger before 1 kg of uranium is 4000 Fr (€0.80cent)


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now 1 kg of uranium at Niger is 137,000 Fr (€200 )the same price of Canada That is the reason why France want to commit genocide and suicide in Niger . Vive #Niger vive #Afrique

Source African Revolt on X

comments by cecil 84

The people of Niger have been treated with total contempt by France. The behaviour of France is not a rebuke to the Nigerien military, but a provocation to the Nigerien people. By their words and actions, France mobilised the biggest crowd since the overthrow of Bazzoum.

I don’t know if this is a deliberate strategy of provoking to such an extent that is forced to react aggressively & will use that pretext to deploy deadly force. Such a strategy will fail.U can’t kill your way out of a situation like Niger. has no option but to leave.

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