Nigeria’s future depends on you,BOG advices the military

Dear Nigerian Military,


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Tomorrow will mark a watershed day in the history of the country and the peoples you swore to defend. We, your fathers, your brothers, your sisters, your wives, your children, your girlfriends, your husbands, your childhood friends, your area paddies, are asking you to consider your actions tomorrow very carefully, because they will affect us, you and the entire country.

A drug dealer, identity thief – we don’t even know his real name, certificate forger, corrupt thief of government resources, a taxman of biblical proportions and thorough CRIMINAL has bought, killed, maimed and stolen his way into the presidency of our country.

He is NOT as CONSTITUTIONALLY qualified as MOST of you to lead the country. Unlike you, who have no divided loyalties, he has sworn fealty to the Republic of Guinea and has their diplomatic passport, in addition to his Nigerian one. Recent revelations also suggest that he may be an American citizen too. He is not LOYAL to Nigeria, unlike you.

What then qualifies such a foreigner to give orders that you must obey, especially order to suppress or harm your fellow Nigerians. A black man who is quick to declare war on his African brothers because of òyìnbó interests, is that one a general to follow into battle, or a mentally enslaved nincompoop? A man who didn’t even go to primary or secondary school, and stole his university degree, is he fit to order men trained in the proud tradition of the Nigerian military services? I want you to consider these questions as you receive your orders tomorrow. Your actions will make or break Nigeria. Choose wisely. B.O.G

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