Burkina Faso: French military personnel given 14 days to leave

– The French security advisor to the French embassy, Mr Emmanuel Pasquier and all the military personnel in their bureau have been given 14 days to leave the country


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The news came from our ministry of foreign Affairs. Mr Pasquier and his collaborators are accused of subversive activities. Also, Burkina Faso

informed Paris that it’s ending and closing its military mission for the training of our military in France with immediate effect, on the date of the notice, September 14th, 2023. Burkina Faso

states that the move is to ensure that we rely solely on ourselves in defending and securing our country without any foreign interference. Even though we sacked all their soldiers and their military advisers that were present in almost all our ministries, they were still trying to spy on us. Well, this is good news, because these French can’t be trusted, not at all! Long live Captain Ibrahim Traore…Cecild84 on X

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