Soyinka is an Ethnic Bigot/Jeffery Guterman

American physiotherapist, Jeffery Guterman, has come hard on Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka, for his views that President Bola Tinubu won the February 25, 2023 Presidential Election, saying that the revered academic holds a dubious view.Guterman took to his X (formerly Twitter) account on Friday to address the Prof’s view.

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Comments: In soyinka I saw the power of ethnic bigotry and tribal emotions to blind a reasonable mind .It’s unfortunate Soyinka is a victim of tribal hate and deceptive communication on the platform of sycophancy.Where was this professor when billions of tax payers money were spent on BIVAS AND IREV by Inec only to be a decoy to manipulate elections?

This professor detailed RULES AND REGULATIONS in the PIRATES HE COFOUNDED AND LED will he say today they are not relevant to guide our activities because they are not in the constitution of Nigeria.? Soyinka was blind and dumb when fellow citizens are restrained to vote outside their native land only to label such people Regional parties for daring to make a choice.Soyinka represents the real picture of Hippocrates,ethnic bigot,facist and imprisoned and black heart of hate and selfish idealogy.pity ,how we know him lately …

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