Burkinabe Junta reveals more fraud by France

– Burkina Faso – let me tell you something bold that

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. We’re building a new international airport in Ouagadougou that will replace the current one we have. The offer was given to the French groups Meridian & AMP under former President Roch Marc Christian Kabore. We didn’t know all the details of the deal they made with the French. Nothing new here. That’s what all French puppets do. They never keep their people in the loop, they always keep us in the dark. So, the completion was delaying and even one slab in a building collapsed and killed 7 workers. Can you believe that ? Wasn’t that a sign that the work wasn’t being done properly, and that corruption was involved? So, an investigation was opened, and that’s when we found out that France had only contributed less than 30% of the total cost of the project, and yet per the agreement, the French were going to exploit our new airport for 30 years before handing it over to us. You heard me well, 30 years! The investigation showed us that it was the then ministers for finance and transport who had signed the documents giving such an offer to France. The ministry of transport is already in jail for corruption and money laundering, and the finance minister is awaiting indictment. So, what did the young Captain do ? He just took back the project from France , sacked them, and made public the investigation on national television. This is how we found out what was going on. Do you see the wickedness of France ? A luta continua!


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