Nigerians are not making good use of the information am supplying them/David Hundeyin

I unmasked a federal cabinet minister who was an Al-Qaida sympathiser on a US anti-terror watchlist.


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I unmasked the people behind Boko Haram and detailed their funding infrastructure and pipelines in granular detail.

I revealed the existence of a cross-border human trafficking network in West Africa, which has operatives embedded in Nigeria’s embassies and high commissions in countries like Cote d’Ivoire. I even put out the name and picture of Bello, the pointman behind the trafficking, imprisonment, and murder of young Nigerian women in Abidjan.

After the police tried to botch the Ini Umoren murder case, I was the one who jumped in and exposed the existence of a ritual murder syndicate operating in Akwa Ibom – an investigation that led to a death sentence for the murder suspect and sent the current senate president into a panic (he threatened me with a lawsuit which he – of course – never followed through on).

I even unmasked the overall head of the “Table” portrayed in King of Boys before he ran for president and forced his way into office.

At what point did Nigerians do anything with all this information? I published information that the “Table” considers to be worth a whole lot of blood and money, and I put it out for free. Not even Roberto Saviano went this far, and his book nearly brought down a government.

I’ve published a book and I’m currently writing my second, but ultimately to what end? It will only sell copies, but what will Nigerians do with the information? What have they ever done with the information that I have gone to Hell and wrestled with the devil for? Why would anything be different now because a celebrity died?

Our people will trend #JusticeForMohbad for 1 week and move on. Who remembers that I published a leaked document that stopped a catastrophic illegal invasion of Niger just last month? Everyone has forgotten except me, because I’m the one who had a letter written to multiple foreign governments by the salty bastards in Abuja accusing me of terrorism afterward.

So even if I had any interest in investigating the death of a celebrity linked to the “Table” by his relationship with a relatively small player called Naira Marley, the cost of obtaining and publishing that information for the benefit of 210 million mannequins who can’t differentiate investigative journalism from “Gistlovers” – and who would never do anything with it anyway – wouldn’t be worth it.

It’s all entertainment and emotional stimulation to you people at the end of the day.

David Hundeyin.

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