Burkina Junta to establish giant tomato processing plant funded by a commonwealth of citizens

Burkina Faso -new dev’t agenda This coming Saturday, Captain


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will be in Bobo Dioulasso, our second largest and economic city for the ceremony of the laying of the first stone of our first tomato processing plant. Burkina Faso produces so much fresh tomatoes to the extent that our neighbors in Ghana come to import them, fully loaded on trucks. And yet, we import canned tomatoes because we have no factories at all. This project is part of the initiate of the Agency for the Promotion of Communal Entrepreneurship (APEC) through popular shareholding. Last week, in a previous post, I explained what that means. So far, 60,000 people came together to fund this particular project. Communal entrepreneurship means that each community comes together to decide on what projects they want for themselves. They know their priorities better than anybody else. So, once they’ve identified the issues they want to solve, then they draw the budget and each community member will put in money he can afford. You can sell cows, goats, sheep, chicken what have you, and bring the money. That money will amount to a specific number of shares you will hold in the project. Therefore, all the 60,000 people will be shareholders. That’s the idea of popular shareholding and I think it’s the same the idea of Ubuntu. I pointed out that this was what Thomas Sankara was doing when he seized power in 1983 until the imperialists cut him off in 1987. But in our time, no one will be able to stop us because our masses are waking up and are more involved than ever before. We will fund our own projects without any aid nor loans from the witches of IMF and World Bank. No interference whatsoever! You can kill a man, but you cannot kill his ideas! Long live Burkina Faso and long live Africa! One love !

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