Reno Omokri is playing to the gallery/Blessing Adima

It is so obvious that Reno Omokri is intellectually lazy or dishonest, or he is just playing to gallery in an attempt to get his mother’s (some Yoruba’s) kinsmen entertained by mischievously subverting the fact that even generations to come can lay their hands on.
There was never at any time the Eastern Nigeria region control crude petroleum resources as that was the exclusive preserve of the Federal Government.
The 1960 constitution which was handed over to us by the colonial masters puts mine and minerals which include crude oil and Gas, geological survey are in the exclusive legislative list and it is so in the 1963 Republican constitution.
The Eastern Nigeria region only gets 50% oil royalties and rents and not revenue from mineral sales.
If the Federal Government control the revenue from crude oil sales, then I can I can it is false for anyone to claim that the Eastern Nigeria region control the crude oil resources which is in the exclusive legislative list. Reno Omokri is wrong in that claim.


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