We have nothing to do with Ehime Killings in Imo state/An Ipobian responds

Everyone knows that IPOB is civil, ESN was established to combat Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They are in the bushes doing the job, they are not on the street. ESN mandate has never changed and will never change. Police knew the criminals they recruited were causing havoc so that they could use it to blackmail IPOB. If they are serious about tackling it, they should STOP mentioning IPOB name because they know it has nothing to do with IPOB. They should also charge the people they arrested to court so that they can be interrogated by lawyers. Ndewo.
On the 19th September two pickup loads of security personnel comprising of DSS ..Police,Army.. Nigeria civil defence corp were ambushed at Ehime Mbano in Imo state Nigeria.8 of the occupants were killed and burnt.
IPOB and ESN have been fingered for the job hence this response


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