SamDaddy receives 50,000 defectors at a venue with a capacity of 300 persons/Chief Ofedike

The Imo political stage has become a theater of absurdities. Desperate politicians, in their lust for power, now promise everything. They say and do things that can best be described as unthinkably silly. Perhaps the only thing Imo people have not heard from them is how they will make a hen lay five eggs in one day.


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George Orwell possibly had them in mind when he wrote that, “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder become respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”. 

Yesterday, Samdaddy Anyanwu of the deserted Imo PDP went a bit farther in his bizarre schemes. He finally convened a meeting of his few followers. That was after they had started accusing him of leaving them in the dark and abandoning the election too early. Today he is in Lagos, tomorrow he is in Abuja, his people have become like a flock without a shepherd. The man then chose to stage a drama, an interesting one, just yesterday.

Membership cards of some defunct, deregistered or dying political parties were printed and distributed to the supporters. They were less than fifty supporters actually. And strange flags, too, maybe of SDP or YPP, were designed and brought there. And the drama began.

After instructing them to tear the cards and flags into shreds, Samdaddy declared, “We are glad to receive today over 50,000 members of other political parties who are defecting to our party.” Interesting! 50,000 defectors were received within the premises of Imo PDP secretariat, which cannot take more than 300 persons? Obara Jesus!

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