Vigilantes protecting the Burkinabe Revolution catch soldier heading to the capital with weapons

Burkina Faso – This happened in Hounde, in the morning of Wednesday, September 27th, 2023, a city 100km East from Bobo Dioulasso. I know that, except you’re a Mossi or speak the moore language, you won’t understand anything they are saying. But I do speak that language, although that’s not my mother tongue, alright?. So, I’m going to tell you what they are saying. The individual caught here is a soldier. As you can see in the video, they stopped his car because, on the night of the attempted coup on Tuesday, September 26th, 2023, our people almost everywhere in the country came out to keep watch. All the major roads are occupied by the youth, and they check everything that enters or leaves the cities. So, it wasn’t only in Ouagadougou that the youth came out. The man was heading to Ouagadougou per what they are saying. So, upon checking his car, they saw weapons, ammunitions and other military gears. The people asked: there was an attempted coup on Tuesday night, and this morning this guy is heading to Ouagadougou? Why? . Is he a mercenary who wants to go join the plotters ? This is what they were asking themselves. That’s why they caught him. I told you that the youth are saying that they will not spare anyone who is a suspect or a plotter against Ibrahim Traore, nor will they spare his family members. Also, any foreign power who will be involved in the assassination of the Captain will have to face the fury of the people against their foreign nationals living in Burkina Faso . The youth are saying that the imperialists know that Africans tolerate too much, but the enemies should know that the time for tolerance is over. So, these are not empty words, these are serious warnings. They wanted to kill the man, but news came that he’s an agent for the security of a mine in Banfora, another city, where he wanted to go. This version doesn’t add up, because Banfora is southwest of Burkina Faso, and Ouagadougou is in the central region where he was heading to. So, because of the conflicting views, they spared him, handed him to the police, but they burned his car as you can see. I think the message to the internal and external enemies is clear: the youth are no more joking. They better listen!


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