Burkina Faso announces that weapons sale blockade by France via proxy has failed

– After his speech at the UNGA, our minister of labor Mr Bassolma Bazie met with our diaspora in New York City on Monday, September 25th, 2023. While there, he informed us that our minister of defense called him earlier that day, to tell him that after his speech, the imperialists who had blocked the delivery of the weapons we bought have now started to release them. So, the man had to bring up the issue at the UNGA for the whole world to know what was going on before they start releasing our weapons?


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. That’s why he called out names and said the West is full of hypocrisy. For those who don’t understand what’s going on, as in the video, he said that when this transitional government came to power, they first asked our traditional partners for help to fight the terrorist groups. Not only did they refuse, but they used diplomatic relations to block the delivery of the weapons that we bought with our own money. Yes! Our tax payer’s money! Smh! He said that, when they asked the manufacturers who took our tax payer’s money, but refused to deliver the weapons, that they told our government that France had told them to not deliver the merchandise, because we are using the weapons to kill our own people. Unbelievable! France

is just shameless!

. So the west is arming the terrorists, but when we want to defend ourselves, they are the same ones claiming that we’re trying to kill other ethnic groups? See the hypocrisy here ? Anyway, I’ll add again the link to his speech for those who didn’t get to see it understand what I’m saying.

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