Marcon is trying to start a civil strife in Niger/A take


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– Burkina Faso

– our PM Mr Apollinaire Kyelem fired back at

@EmmanuelMacron. Here’s what he is saying, and I quote, “To come back to the question of Niger for instance, you’ve noticed that the French President, Emmanuel Macron said that, President Bazoum has been overthrown because he is from a minority ethnic group, but in the same time, he said that President Bazoum is the democratic elected President of Niger. But these are contradictions! If he’s from a minority ethnic group, then who elected him ? Can a minority mostly elect a President of a republic? Let’s think about it for a moment! He said that he has been overthrown because he’s from a minority ethnic group, but it’s the majority of Nigériens who elected him. Can a minority mostly elect a President in power ? It means that somewhere, there’s someone who is mentally ill. Moreover, Macron said that he is recalling his troops from Niger because the current regime does not want to fight terrorism. See, it’s not him who is calling back his troops. It’s the Nigériens who sacked the French troops from Niger. And when he (Macron) says that the current regime doesn’t want to fight terrorism, were the French soldiers fighting terrorism in Niger

? Were the French troops fighting terrorism in Burkina Faso

? If we want to focus on our own country, when there was the massacre in Inata, if I’m not mistaken, it was under President Roch Marc Christian Kabore, the French soldiers were here. When the attack in Solhan happened, it was under President Damiba, the French soldiers were here. Until now, there have not been so much massacres in Burkina Faso more than that of Solhan. Were the French soldiers here to fight terrorism? Since their departure, there have been undoubtedly some victims of terrorism, but we have not yet counted as much as in Solhan in a single conflict. Were the French soldiers fighting terrorism? It means that the French President is losing a bit of his mind, that’s it, because he has been sacked from everywhere. What I want to say is that, we must be truthful. We are not saying that France cannot live without the Sahel. That’s not true! Without the Sahel, France can live well! But without France, the Sahel can also live! Therefore, we must be clear about this: without France, the Sahel can live well!” You see, I listened to the discourse of Macron, a discourse of a colonizer, an imperialist, who is never questioning his foreign policy in Africa. Macron is not mentally ill as the PM put it, although I understand what he meant. Macron was trying to pitch us against one another, because guess what, colonizers have always tried to use ethnicity to divide us. What are you thoughts ?

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