If US attacks Iran,Iran will attack Israel in retaliation/Iran Observer

If the U.S. and Israel stumble into a conflict with Iran, it will be unlike anything either has faced since the 1970s Iran not only has the capability to strategically bombard Israel proper in response to aggression thanks to deep stocks of munitions, its missile force is also sophisticated to the point it could cripple the U.S. CENTCOM assets in the wider region. This means not only destroying U.S. bases in places like Iraq or Bahrain, but also closing the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait to oil shipping. This would likely collapse the Western economies, due to their dependence on foreign oil. It’s easy to imagine the collapse in U.S. prestige and power projection capabilities that would follow such a conflict, particularly if Iran is able to sink American carriers, as they have the capacity to do.


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