International award winning journalist exposes Tinubu more

An international award winning journalist J Coyden Palmer was yesterday hosted by Parallel Facts on X space. It was a two hours engagement with over 35.5k Nigerians tuning in and 3500 others participating as well as listening . My takeaways from the engagement;


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1. Niva Lubin the President of the Chicago State University who signed the certificate of

@officialABAT in 1979 was actually a medical student in the southern university of Illinois that year and was yet to graduate.

2. The President in 1979 of the Chicago State University and who ought to have signed the certificate of

@officialABAT an Afro-American is named Alexander and was the first African American president of the university. Prior to him the rest were all whites.

3. Every student is identified with his social security number and the social security number associated with

@officialABAT was traced to a woman who lived in Virginia and there was no proof that

@officialABAT ever lived there.

4. The certificate submitted by

@officialABAT to INEC is fake. The certificate (emblem) has a green and golden embossment for Bsc graduates but he can’t say what color it was for masters degree holders.

5. The claim that all nationals are grouped into their racial classification eg African American was also strengthened as he says it depends and not automatic. He promised to make further inquiries.

6. For certificates to be genuine it must have emanated from the university.

7. That Elnora Daniel and Niva Lubin have withheld comments on the matter perhaps they were weighing their options. He can’t say exactly

8. The university is not credible and the certificate saga has brought its integrity to an all time low. As at the time he was in the university the annual enrollment figure was in the region of 8000 students but it has now sharply dropped to about 1600. He also stated that a former President of the University and a management staff were recently out of prison having served 16 months for financial misappropriation

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