Malian Forces re conquer popular town controlled by terrorists

Breaking – Mali has finally reconquered Anefis! Yes, it was on Saturday morning when we heard the good news, after intense fights. For those who don’t know, this village was one of the most dangerous places in the North, a turf of the rebel Touareg groups of Azawad and the terrorists. These despicable extremist groups thought they were the strongest! Let them wait! They haven’t seen anything yet! You see, the Malian army couldn’t do anything until they got the French occupying forces out of the country, and now it’s left with the UN forces


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who started leaving and have until December 31, 2023 to completely disappear. Why ? Because they were a hindrance to the fight against terrorism. So,


Malian President

is a clever man. He let the French soldiers leave first, and after the UN forces started turning in the keys to their 12 bases in the country, then he went on the offense, because he has had enough time to get all the weapons he needed. Now, there are some voices back in Bamako, who are saying that they are willing to mediate for peace talks. Peace talks ? Really ? Why would the army negotiate when they are clearly the ones who have the upper hand? When I read that, I keep asking myself, negotiate for what ?


please, they are no negotiations here! It’s these empty talks with these rebels over the years that have complicated the issue of insecurity in the Sahel. Plus, these murderers have killed many of our soldiers, killed thousands of civilians and terrorized the people for 9 years. They succeeded because we were weak, couldn’t get anything done because the puppets and their masters wouldn’t let us arm ourselves. So, to negotiate will be a high treason to the memory of all the Malians who died in the hands of these scumbags. Their only way out and survival will be if they lay their weapons. If not, no negotiations whatsoever! Even


said, “no negotiations with the terrorists.” So folks, Kidal is not a Malian problem, it’s a Sahel problem. Once we control Kidal, this will inevitably end terrorism in the whole Sahel region. Be of good cheer dear


, long live the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) and long live Africa! A luta continua!

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