31 days to voting main opposition Party in Imo is still in internal fracas



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When I was asked by the Arise TV crew why Senator Samuel Anyanwu was still holding on to the position of National Secretary of the Party while holding the governorship ticket of that Party, I was thrown off balance. I couldn’t imagine myself coming on air to defend that apparent greed and unseriousness.

If I had to respond to that, the most logical thing I would have said is that the Distinguished Senator is being smart by not dropping what he has for what he is not sure of getting. But no one would want to invest his money or any kind of technical support into a project where the chief driver does not even believe in its viability.

Distinguished Senator Anyanwu would have convinced more people to buy into his project, if, after securing the PDP governorship ticket, he relinquished his position as the National Secretary, in order to concentrate on his campaign for governorship. But, with his insistence on holding the two, he left many people in no doubt that is on a comical frolic rather than a governorship contest.

With information emerging that he has been booted out by the Party’s National Working Committee, I would have expected him to hijack the narrative by announcing his resignation in order to concentrate on his campaign to become the next governor of Imo State. That would have been a strong statement of intent, though belated. But, for him to still be struggling to remain in office as National Secretary, less than one month to the governorship election gives credence to insinuations in several quarters that his biggest ambition was to become a governorship candidate and ride on that to tour Imo State, and not to become governor, at least, not at this time.

Any discerning political player would have become aware by now that the PDP is going to have its most embarrassing outing in the history of governorship contest in Imo State, as it might well be displaced from a strong second position which it had always had since 2011, to a disgraceful third or even fourth position, if the governorship candidate does not sit up and tell himself and his team the truth.

My name is Onwuasoanya FCC Jones.

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