Even in 2023, Africans are still sold in Arabia. Doesn’t this make it worse that we support either side of the conflict ?/A take



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The only reasons why Africans are concerned about Israel and Palestine are because of religion and overreacting news consumption.

In reality, it doesn’t concern us. Even if the whole land is given to Palestine or Israel, it doesn’t change the balance of power.

Ukraine is the more important. Should Russia be defeated and the NATO becomes the only superpower, the colonialism of yesterday will return unchallenged. So we should hope Russia wins and keep NATO in check. Without Russia, neocolonialism would have happened long time. Without Russia, Ebola would have wiped blacks off the continent already. CoViD 19 backfired but nobody should be under any illusion that plans or attacks have stopped. Some African countries are already admitting LGBTQ and GMOs. Foreign funded and or supervised hospitals and health support NGOs are poised to reaping our organs for transplant.

Ghana’s president Akuffo Addo, for instance, have demolished a full block of hospital storeys and rebuilt it with British money, contract and imagine what else. He has also signed agreement with the US that their soldiers can move in and out of Ghana without passport or checks and can assault anyone without legal recourse in Ghana. He has also signed agreement with France for Ghana’s top brass military personnel to go train in France. Does anyone know what that means ? Of course Ghana pays one point eight million Euros every year for the scholarship. How hard is it to instigate coups like they do in Francophone West Africa ? The list is long.

He has also committed to the implementation of LGBTQ in Ghana. Something that, more than any contraceptive, can reduce our population below the critical mass needed to defend itself or stage mass industrialization. Isn’t it more than amusing that in the face of all these, Ghanaians have so much time and words to spend on Israeli Palestinian conflict ?

The Israeli Palestinian conflict itself has a worse replica eating Africa up for nothing. Israeli for instance, worships God of Israel, Yahweh, who has given them land to fight over. Palestine worships Allah, who has given them land to fight over. So when Israeli mobilize citizens to pray to Yahweh, there’s a profitable endgame. When Palestinians mobilize worship of Allah, it among others, instills dogma that makes their youth sacrifice their life for the land they’re fighting for.

What about Ghana ? When Ghana moslems are mobilized it only unites a section of the population against other sections. It doesn’t give Ghana land. It doesn’t protect our Gold or oil and it doesn’t educate Ghanaians. In fact the frequency and intensity of foreign myths put on them far outstrips the meagre attempts to educate them. It’s important to mention it also encourages them to travel and spend their money in Arabia after basic needs.

The situation is the same with Ghanaian Christians. Their Jesus is not God of Israel even though that’s what they’ve been made to believe. Israelites don’t worship Jesus. Most Ghanaian Christians don’t even know their church holds Jesus as God. They call themselves Romans when they are not Romans. They pay money that’s sent abroad only for part to be returned to them as aid. Of course many charlatans have sprung forth their own versions of Christianity doing much the same.

In the face of all this, isn’t it strange Africans find time and energy to expend on Israeli Palestinian conflict ? The West, who have now splintered into Israeli are the very people who enslaved and colonized Africans. Jews were in particular the bank rollers of the trans Atlantic slave trade.

Today, Ghanaians hustling in Israel are mistreated just for being black. Every one of these atrocities have been and continue to be meted out to Africans by Arabs in no less magnitude. It’s actually worse with Arabs. Arabs were notorious for castrating Africans. Even in 2023, Africans are still sold in Arabia. Doesn’t this make it worse that we support either side of the conflict ? Don’t we see we have worse problems of our own ?

Mark McStill, 13/10/23.

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