IF YOU CAN BETRAY IWUANYANWU, WHO WILL YOU NOT?…More revelations about Samdaddy



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It is sad for Senator Anyanwu to think that he has won a battle by getting the ill functioning National publicity Secretary to issue a statement on his behalf. This is the most petty thought to have.

Senator Anyanwu has lost the support of even those who were initially thinking he was serious in the Guber race.

For the avoidance of doubt, how do u justify that a man who has an election to face in few weeks time, against an incumbent, will be distracted by National Secretary position, a position he should have voluntarily relinquished from day one.

I laugh when his supporters make merry over nothing, they feel they are helping him but they are purposely telling Imo people that their interest is in National Secretary position and not Imo Governor.

Samdaddy is unserious. He has failed to redeem himself even among Imo pdp members. It will be an uphill task to sell Samdaddy to Ndi imo.

Few weeks ago, a man he appointed as Director of Communications resigned from duty. In his resignation, he summarized his unceremonious departure as being fueled by the fact that Samdaddy is not serious.

For you to appoint someone as your Director of Communications, you must have held the person in confidence. I believe FCC knows Samdaddy very well and their relationship must be cordial. For him to label him unserious has a lot to say about the personality of the man Samdaddy. If another person had said it, we could have called it a bluff, but coming from FCC, Imolites must begin to ask the right questions.

Samdaddy as at today is encumbered. He can no longer act freely because there is already a toga of being unserious around him, joined with the earlier accusation that he is working for Uzodimma. One would wonder why Samdaddy has not flagged off his campaign three weeks to election. Who is he waiting for his instruction? What is holding him? Why is the lack of communication within PDP?

It is said that there is a communication gap between the inner campaign caucus and the larger members of the PDP. If you are not associated with the Devine Mandate, you are treated as a 3rd party. That brings us to the question, Why has Samdaddy not grown beyond Devine Mandate?

Samdaddy is confided in the shield of Devine Mandate, very primordial group who feel they have capacity but certainly do not. They make so much mouth, have the best stories to tell but they fail on Election Day. They are currently flying a skit that Tinubu is not supporting Uzodinma. That’s their latest strategy. They will tell u how the SGF is angry with Uzodinma or how Tinubu’s wife is supporting Samdaddy. Within them, they know they are telling lies, but what else will they do? They don’t have convincing capacity to panel-beat Ndi Imo into line.

Sam my brother, if Iwuanyanwu, the man who made u everything you are in politics can ask you to wait and you disobey him, there is no reason to ask Ndi Imo to believe you. You certainly show that you can not be trusted. When you became LGA chairman, it was Iwuanyanwu that submitted your name. When you became a house member, it was Iwuanyanwu’s slot, when you became a Senator, it was Iwuanyanwu that was voted for, when you became chairman ethics committee, it was Iwuanyanwu that made the called ti Saraki, yet you betrayed him. Nawaaaaa oh

To be cont.

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