Mali signs nuclear deal with Russia to generate 228MW

Breaking – Mali signed a nuclear deal with Russia On Friday October 13th, 2023, on national television, the government announced that they signed two memoranda of understanding with the Russian federation. Here’s what the journalist was reading, “The high-level Malian delegation led by the Minister of Economy and Finance continues his mission in Moscow. Two memoranda of understanding have been signed today, they are about in particular geological research, but also and above all civil nuclear power. Thanks to these memoranda of understanding, Mali will very soon take its first steps in civil nuclear power, with the key being the construction of four 57 megawatt nuclear power plants. Our country will also be able to have an extra-mining case which will list all the mining substances which exist throughout the entire national territory. During this day, the country’s supply of fertilizers for the next agricultural season from Russia was also discussed. The Russian company responsible for the distribution of fertilizers is ready to supply Mali with the full quantities that the country needs as quickly as possible, and to continue our country’s supply of wheat. We will come back to this later in full details with our special envoys.” Alright, folks, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Burkina Faso , and Mali both embark on nuclear energy on the same day. Remember,


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said that the federation between our two countries is well in progress and that any state is welcome to join. Now we have Niger on board. It’s important that you know that we have uranium, it’s that we haven’t started mining them yet. I guess those who thought they would control our raw materials ad vitam aeternam are in for a big surprise. We know they are hitting us with terrorism because we said no to them. But that’s not a problem. We’ll settle the score with the terrorists. Anyway, if uranium is good for Mr colonizer or Mr imperialist, then it’s also good enough for us. The Alliance of Sahel states (AES) are going to work wonders. This is not the generation of our forefathers or our parents, this is our generation. Frantz Fanon said, “Each generation must in a relative opacity discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it.” We have discovered our mission, which is to liberate ourselves from bondage, we will, and we will not betray it. Long live Burkina Faso – Mali – Niger and long live Africa! A luta continua!

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