A 87m high tower to be built in honor of Thomas Sankara

Breaking – A 87m high tower to be built in honor of Thomas Sankara Today, October 15th, 2023 marks the 36th anniversary of Thomas Sankara’s assassination. Not only does the Boulevard Charles De Gaulle become officially Boulevard Thomas Sankara, but also, at the ceremony of the commemoration of his death, the gov’t revealed a master plan to build the memorial Thomas Sankara. As I watched the ceremony, several activities were conducted to commemorate this sad anniversary. Among other things, we saw the official ceremony of laying wreaths of flowers, followed by the ceremonial elevation of Captain Thomas Sankara to the rank of Hero of the Nation. From now on, October 15th is now dedicated as Thomas Sankara’s Day , and will be celebrated as a public holiday in homage to the Father of the Burkinabè Revolution throughout the national territory.


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was the one who laid the first stone for the construction of the Thomas SANKARA Mausoleum. There will be 13 tombs (Sankara and his 12 companions), 6 to the left, 6 to the right and that of Sankara in the middle. This project includes the construction of a set of 15 infrastructure (15 to commemorate the day of his death) and landscaping “worthy of the fight and the dimension of Comrade President Isidore Noël Thomas SANKARA”. the gov’t said. As for the 87m high tower or the Sankara’s tower (87m in reference to the year of his assassination) including all the master plan, it was designed by the Burkinabè architect Françis Kere, who happened to have received this day in Japan the prize of the laureate of the 2023 Praemium Imperiale for Architecture, given by the Japan Art Association (JAA) and Lord Patten of Barnes, Praemium Imperiale’s International Advisor in the UK. He was also the 2022 Pritzker Architecture Prize-winner, Alright, folks, this is it! For those of us in Burkina Faso who didn’t get to see Thomas Sankara, but who have embraced the Pan-Africanism movement, we call ourselves Generation Sankara. This is not a personality cult, this is the man who laid his life in defending our nation. The imperialists thought that by killing him they were going to stop what he started. Yes, they did pull us back for about 3 decades, but today we have thousands and even millions of Sankaras in Burkina Faso , and we will finish the job! Homeland or death, we shall overcome!

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