Yorubas not originally from Ile-Ife, tribe’s history beyond Oduduwa, Ife city — Oluwo 

Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, on Monday, said Yorubas are not originally from Ile-Ife, adding that the history of Yorùbá as a tribe is beyond Oduduwa and the city of Ile-Ife in Osun State.


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The monarch, who made this known in a statement in Osogbo, therefore charged historians working on Yoruba ancestral home to be objective in their research and documentation, saying Yoruba ancestral home is beyond Ile-Ife.

According to him, limiting research work to Ile-Ife is putting a limitation to Yoruba far reaching historical greatness and accomplishments, emphasising that Yorubas are synonymous with distinction, excellence and greatness.

Oluwo noted that the first man created was Yoruba with empirical facts. He said Oduduwa migrated to Ile-Ife and launched the traditional system of governance with crown as a symbol of authority. 

Oba Akanbi challenged professors of Yorubas to dig further on the origin and originality of Oduduwa as a descendant of ‘Ola Mu Iru Dudu Yi’, being shortened to Lamurudu. 

He said, “Yorubas are naturally from greatness. Humanity started from us. We are the descendants of Lamurudu, the first mightiest man to build the tallest house. Our history is beyond Oduduwa and Ile-Ife. Limiting our history to the duo is tantamount to restraining our ancestors from great accomplishments and achievements of the past.

“I challenge Professors of Yorubas to research on the origin and originality of Oduduwa. We have to objectively trace his lineage and origin. He came from somewhere before he settled at Ile-Ife.

“This implies that Yorubas are not originally from Ile-Ife. In documenting the history of the Yorubas, all ancient crowns and stakeholders with genuine interest must be incorporated. We are victor, great and rich. Hence, we must establish our origin to be greater and richer than our forebears.

“Yoruba ancestors/ancestral home, to be accepted, must be traced to pure, unadulterated Yoruba speaking ancient towns which their intonation can be device to write and pass Yoruba examinations with recognized bodies such as JAMB, WAEC and NECO.”

Speaking further, the monarch hinted on the need to revisit people of the books to lay credence to “Yorubas as origin of humanity from the creation of Adamo (A Da Ninu Amo) till the present generation.”

“I’m a descendant of Oduduwa. Empirically, the origin of humanity is pointing to the Yorubas. The first man created, Adamo, was a Yoruba. I’ve researched in books and beyond on the coinage of Adamo. I’ve extended my findings to Yoruba religion which is worshiping of direct access to Olodumare without intermediaries, Judaism, Christianity,Buddhism, Hinduism e.t.c to know the meaning of Adamo. I’ve been vindicated by many revelations. In dictionary, Adamo means “created from the red earth” meaning “Eni ti a da ninu amo”.  I’m throwing it opened for further academic investigation by Yoruba professors “

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