Tinubu’s FBI case:The entire aim is for the court to keep sitting,delaying as long as possible/A Take

After extensively inquiring from someone with direct knowledge of the matter, here’s a summary of my findings: 1. Tinubu CAN’T stop the FBI from releasing the documents, he’s only trying to delay, stalling for time 2. Today’s filing to stop the document was so badly executed that the local lawyer who filed for Tinubu listed Christopher Carmichael as Aaron Greenspan’s lawyer instead of Tinubu’s lawyer Aaron Greenspan is the founder of Plainsite (A US based website dedicated to legal data transparency and advocacy) and worked in collaboration with David Hundeyin to request for the FBI to release the documents on Tinubu 3. Their entire aim is for the court to keep sitting, adjourning and delaying for as long as possible just as they did with CSU At the end of the day, the FBI file MUST be released!


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via @Misspearls on “X”

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