Nigerian Judiciary is suffering its greatest disgrace in histroy

Can’t recall a point in time in our history that the apex court ridiculed itself the way it is doing now. Not one point during the dark years of military dictatorships. In fact, the Supreme Court had always covered itself in glory that Prof Sagay wrote a book in the 1980s in praise of it. Just for one man with dubious personal records, Justices have now bibbed and wigged themselves, ready to roll in the pigsty. What’s the essence of empanelling a judge who has a few weeks on the bench and another who’s confronted by conflict of interest issues? The world is taking notice of the sinister politik behind the quick roll up of hearing schedules of presidential election petitions appeals, just to take the oxygen out of what will come out of the FBI files. How sad that it is our Justices who now stand insentient against justice.


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