The army was in the wrong place during the dramatic Benue robbery/Somto Okonkwo

I Asked a Question About The Whereabouts Of The Military When The Armed Robbers Attacked Banks Otukpo In Benue State, And Some People Were Saying It’s Not The Job Of The Military To Fight Armed Robbers. That I Should Stop Encouraging The Misuse Of The Military. Okay Agreed! But When The Police Force Is Overpowered, Overwhelmed And Subdued, Then The Military Comes In. That’s How It Works In a Sane Country. Besides, These Robbers Already Attacked The Police Stations Before Robbing Four Banks All At Once (First Bank, UBA, Zenith, Stanbic). They Killed Several Police Officers And Their Operation Lasted Close To 2 Hours (Stealing Millions Of Naira Plus Dollar) The Military In Nigeria Is Already Misused. What Business Does The Military Have Standing In Checkpoints On The Highways And Collecting Money? What Business Does The Military Have In Providing Escort To Private Rich Civilians? What Business Does The Military Have In a Personal Dispute Where They’re Used To Intimidate And Beat Up Civilians? What Business Does The Military Have In Shooting Innocent Protesters? In Nigeria, Soldiers Are Over Doing The Work Of The Police. So Why Can’t They Be Used To Stop And Fight Criminals When The Police Are Overpowered. But The Military Can Be Used To Kill Innocent Igbo Youths The South East. They Can Burn Down Villages And Destroy Lives And Properties. They Can Be Used To Oppress Innocent Citizens In Nigeria. They Can Be Used To Kill #EndSARS Protesters At #Lekkitollgate #lekkiMassacre. But When It Comes To The Military Actually Doing Their Jobs, They Chicken Away And Make Excuses.


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