Gaza War: US based Israeli group asks for world wide relief support for Israel

Dear Friend of Israel,
You know it’s dark days in Israel when even CNN and the New York Times are changing their tune.
But, then, how can they do otherwise? 
The entire world knows that more than 1300 Jews have been shot, burned, raped and otherwise butchered by Arab terror.
In just one day!Who does not know that entire communities in Southern Israel are decimated, and over 80,000 people have become homeless?
Who is not aware that 360,000 Israeli men have been called back to the army, breaking their families’ hearts and creating an economic disaster?
Who does not have loved ones in Israel who are wondering what tomorrow will bring?Yes, you know all this. You’re angry.
You’re frustrated……but you’re not helpless.Because there is a great deal you can do by making Colel Chabad your agent.You can deliver food to areas where entire families and terrified seniors hide in bomb shelters as Hamas rockets rain down relentlessly.
You can provide emergency clothing for thousands of children who have been evacuated – some now orphaned – with only the clothing on their backs.You can help us feed and clothe 6,000 evacuees who are being housed in shelters provided by the Jerusalem Municipality.From the very first moment, Colel Chabad was there – as we have been since 1788 – making sure anyone in need could be taken care of.Yes, it takes courage, the courage of Colel Chabad’s army of volunteers. And it takes money to help us accomplish our mission.We have the courage. The bravery of Colel Chabad volunteers is the stuff of legends.But now, we need YOU.Being a hero is not just dodging bullets or feeding a terrified Holocaust survivor. It’s also donating to help Colel Chabad do what it does best.And that’s helping Israelis in distress REGARDLESS of gender, religious observance, or the color of their skin.This is no time for procrastination or ambivalence. This is the time to dig deep into your wallet and come to their rescue.Israelis are fighting an existential war. Hundreds and hundreds of murdered women and children are still awaiting burial. Hospitals are overflowing. And over 360,000 citizen soldiers have kissed their wives and children goodbye as they are called up to defend our beloved Israel.EVERY DOLLAR will help sustain precious lives in Israel at this critical moment in Jewish history.Standing by for your immediate and generous response. Click here to DONATE NOW. Thank you.
 Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Sholom Duchman

Dear Readers, Good and credible news reportage is tedious task and requires huge finances.


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