SW Muslims In Lagos Hold A Large Demonstration In Support And  Solidarity With Palestine

Thousands of Muslim demonstrators gathered at Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park on Saturday to protest the Israeli forces’ ongoing actions in the Gaza Strip, calling for the Nigerian government to sever all diplomatic ties with Israel until a Two-States resolution is achieved, among other demands.


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Both male and female participants carried placards with various messages, including ‘Free Palestine, free Gaza,’ ‘End Israel apartheid now!,’ ‘Nigerians unite for Palestine,’ ‘Nigerians call for justice for Palestine,’ and ‘Good people of America must stop Joe Biden’s collaboration with killers,’ among others.

The Conference of Islamic Organizations (CIO), following a recent press conference where they strongly condemned the bombing of children and innocents in a hospital, mobilized Muslims in the state to express solidarity with Palestine.

Sheikh Moshhod Ramadan, a respected scholar, led the gathering in fervent prayers for Palestine and its allies, seeking victory with the rendering of the national anthem.

Prof. Isa Maishanu, Dean of the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, and Adviser to the Vice Chancellor of Afro-Asian University, Somalia, addressed the assembly. He stated, “After thoroughly studying the crisis in all its dimensions, the Pan-Nigerian Front for the Support of Palestine has declared and demanded that the international community, led by the United Nations, should compel Israel to cease its bombing campaigns in Gaza and other areas, which have caused horror not only for Palestinians but for the entire world.”

He continued, “The United Nations should lead efforts to establish humanitarian corridors and ensure that aid and relief packages can reach Gaza and other locations. Any interim peace process must, as a matter of necessity, include the lifting of the Gaza siege. We find the support shown by the United States and the European Union for Israel to be irresponsible, reprehensible, and barbaric, holding them complicit and accountable for this human tragedy unfolding before the global audience.”

Prof. Maishanu further advocated for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate prosecutions for war crimes committed by Israel, considering its violations of international law, including the Geneva Convention’s failure to protect those under its occupation.

The group stressed that Hamas is not a terrorist organization but an elected representative of the people engaged in armed resistance against the occupying force, as allowed by international law, rationality, and necessity.

He added that the international community, led by the UN, should take back control of the peace process from the United States, which has become part of the Israeli occupation machinery. Their goal is to push for a two-state solution, compel Israel to halt settlement construction, and lift the Gaza blockade.

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