Stop threatening to assassinate dissidents inside and outside Nigeria/Ex Lagos Guber candidate tells Tinubu

Dear Yekini Amoda Ogunlere, Face it. The VAST MAJORITY of Nigerians voted for Peter Obi, not you. In reality, you came a distant third overall and only also a distant third in Yorubaland, where we abhor CRIMINALITY, which is ALL your entire life stands for. You instructions to your people to go out and kill or silence your critics in Nigeria and across the world by all means will be your eventual downfall. You’re sending your idiots to threaten people in the UK, in the US and elsewhere, claiming that your ugly DSS can reach anyone. It’s a lie. They will COLLECT WOTOWOTO! Some of us cannot be bought and respond very badly to threats, bullying or actual violence, no matter what our personal circumstances are. You’re just making matters worse for yourself, and it is now that our voices will go louder, in Nigeria and across this small rock we all occupy in God’s universe. Your best bet is to stand down, tell your people to disqualify you and go away quietly into the night, along with your terrorist wing man, so that we can restart Nigeria and build it into the world superpower it should be. If you refuse, whatever you see, take it like that…Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi


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