Highlights Of the NADECO world press conference of October 23rd

NADECO USA had a World Press Conference today (October 23rd, 2023) and they indicated that they need CLARIFICATIONS on the following: —Who issued the diploma and where did Tinubu obtain it from? Why did CSU not issue a certificate to a student they claimed graduated? —Could CSU have issued a Cert to a student who never met the requirements for graduation? —Based on deposition documents, CSU admitted that a Bola A Tinubu with a particular social security number completed a total of 105 credit hours and needed an additional 15hrs to graduate (including but not limited to English 222 and Maths), how did he graduate without completing these hours? —Transcript in application shows Female and Tinunu is male —Tinubu has 2 social security numbers (check my last post for the documents) one is currently being used by a female in Virginia, USA. via Miss Pearls on “X”


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