I can’t in good conscience recommend or defend Tinubu..Dele Momodu

I did not bow to pressure from anyone. 1. I never knew Tinubu had not cleared all the existing mess from the past. His lackadaisical attitude of invincibility is finally catching up 2. I did not know he planned to continue at the national level the dictatorial template that has kept his fingers on the jugular of Lagos for 24 years 3. Tinubu kept absolutely quiet on the Buhari government as it vandalised Nigeria. Now we are paying dearly for it 4. After YAR’ADUA’s and BUHARI’S ill-health, Tinubu’s was also getting very poor. 5. It is now very obvious that Tinubu’s government will be far worse than Buhari’s with the reckless and over-bloated appointments. 6. He carries too much baggage that can easily collapse Nigeria at home and abroad. With the much in public domain at this time, I can’t in good conscience recommend or defend Tinubu.


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