Market Closure in Lagos:They want to infuriate the Igbo in Lagos and they will use them as scapegoats./A take

Reason For The Recent Attàcks On Ndi Igbo In Lagos Have you wondered why they are closing markets dominated by Ndi Igbo in Lagos? Have you asked why they are bringing down estates whose lands were sold to Ndi Igbo by the previous Lagos state government? As I am writing this the following markets have been shut down. Mile 12 market Alaba market Trade fair market Also, many houses have gone down. Why are they doing these things? The Tinubu government is just playing a game. They are looking for a chaotic situation. They want it to be Yoruba vs Igbo. They want trouble to start and they want it to be an ethnic problem. They want to divert attention. They don’t want Hausa vs Yoruba and neither do they want Fulanii vs Yoruba. They want Igbo vs Yoruba. In Nïgerià, Ndi Igbo are the people they always used to play their tribal cards. There is absolutely no reason why these markets should be closed. But they are under lock and key. People are stranded and losing billions on a daily basis. What do they want? It is simple. They want to infuriate the Igbo in Lagos and they will use them as scapegoats. In the coming days, they might start attacking Ndi Igbo. They want to change the narrative. They want to divert attention from the bad economy they created so that people will start talking about the ethnic issues they artificially created in Lagos. These people will waste people’s lives and destroy properties for their selfish gains. They want to shift the blame on themselves. They want to force every media to start talking about the problem in Lagos and no more the economic situations. I am saying this to make us aware of their evil plans. Enough of using Igbo people to cement their dirty jobs. And crying on media is not just enough. The only way to stop all these is for Igbo people in Lagos to start thinking home. Start taking your investments home. Start duplicating such markets you erected in Lagos in the East. Start making visible arrangements. Also, you must avoid giving them what they want. Defend yourselves against any eventuality, but don’t be the troublemaker no matter how much you are pressured. Let your major action be your readiness to head home. Aku rue ulo. Give the government more pressure concerning the bad economy. They must not escape it. Elochukwu Ohagi, 2023.


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