The Burkinabe govt snatches sugar factory SOSUCO from the hands of the French


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The Government Snatches Our Sugar Factory SOSUCO From The Hands of France

. On Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 during the weekly session of gov’t ministers , UNDER THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT, TRADE, CRAFTS AND SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES, the Council adopted a report relating to the denunciation of the agreements between the State and SUCRE PARTICIPATION (a French consortium) which is the majority shareholder of the new company Comoé sugar factory (SN SOSUCO). SN SOSUCO emerged from the privatization of the SOSUCO and the Alcohol Production Company (SOPAL) under Blaise Compaore obviously

. During the privatization of SOSUCO and SOPAL, the State signed two agreements in 1998 with SUCRE PARTICIPATION which undertook to: 1. invest 20 billion CFA franc over 5 years following the signing of the agreement; 2. increase SOSUCO’s production through the implementation of an efficient investment program; 3. maintain the full activity of SOSUCO and its full development; 4. ensure and guarantee the sustainability of SOPAL, maintain its full activity and full development; 5. ensure the renewal of the equipment. However, the gov’t observed and realized that these contractual commitments have not been met by the SUCRE PARICIPATION consortium, resulting in the obsolescence of the production tool, which is now fully amortized. Therefore, the gov’t aims to cumulatively denounce the two agreements between the Burkinabè State and SUCRE PARTICIPATION, given that the contractual commitments have not been met by the majority shareholder. The Council instructed the ministers responsible for the matter to take appropriate measures to denounce the agreements between the State and SUCRE PARTICIPATION. Folks, I grew up consuming only brown sugar. But from the time the French took over, that’s when our sugar factory started producing white sugar. And worst, they export our brown sugar to France because it’s all natural and organic, but the French sends us back their white sugar with some tiny cubes. So, finding brown sugar was almost impossible. I remember the day I saw the French product, I was like what the hell is this ? I was shocked because they are very tiny cubes compared the big cubes that we used to produce. Anyway, I’m glad this has finally come to an end. And please

@CapitaineIb226 you need to review all the mining companies under Canadian names, because we now know that they are all undercover French companies. Next to that must be our national communication company and our railway company that have been privatized to the French! This is unacceptable! You know it, and we also know it, so I’m counting on you to tackle this issue quickly. Anything French must disappear completely!

Sy Marcus Herve Traore on “X”

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