Nigerians, Israeli-Palistine Quagmire- You Have No Bones In This Beef/A take by Mr George Brown

Nigerians, Israeli-Palistine Quagmire- You Have No Bones In This Beef


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Nigerian Muslims and Christians have no bones in this beef over this unending bloody conflict over LAND.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has persisted for decades, remains a contentious issue in global politics. It stems from the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, a result of British and American influence in the region. However, it’s crucial to understand that Nigerians, both Muslims and Christians, have no direct stake in this complex and protracted dispute, which revolves around land rather than religion.

While Palestinians are Arabs, their Arab counterparts have often failed to show solidarity with other Muslim nations facing conflicts, such as Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria. These conflicts are primarily internal Muslim struggles and are not solely Arab disputes, often having sectarian dimensions. Despite this, international attention and outrage have been largely focused on the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

In Nigeria, religious leaders play a significant role in shaping public opinion. On Fridays, Muslim clerics often deliver fiery sermons, combining politics with religious rhetoric to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Similarly, on Sundays, Christian pastors and religious leaders invoke biblical scriptures to rally their congregations to “Stand with Israel.” This religious dimension further exacerbates tensions and deepens divisions yet collective and regional defying poverty of the Nigerian is blind to religion or ethnicity.

Beyond the religious aspect, political and ideological factors have entered the fray. The left, which comprises Jews, Christians, and Muslims, has become embroiled in the conflict due to their opposition to certain lifestyle choices, including Queer-LGBTQ+ issues, liberal democracy, fascism, dictatorships and communism.

These broader ideological battles have further complicated the situation, leading to a polarized global response.

In the midst of this international confusion and selective outrage, it’s crucial for Nigerians, both informed and uninformed, to reconsider their stance and manage our hellish situation.

These hypocritical responses that are blind to our most present and existential challenges of acute poverty, state capture and general lawlessness needs a conscientious nudge. How you go leave your house wey dey burn to go quench fire for another pesin house. Una mumu never do!

It’s essential to recognize the complexities of international geopolitics and realize that we have pressing survival issues at home that are often more dire than the troubles in these distant regions.

Israel and Palestine enjoy a higher standard of living compared to many areas in Nigeria that are embroiled in varying forms of poverty induced conflicts, and they manage to maintain uninterrupted power and internet connectivity. Nigeria, on the other hand, grapples with a range of issues, including poverty, insecurity, and inadequate infrastructure.

In conclusion, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while deeply significant in its own right, should not divert Nigerians’ attention from the pressing issues they face at home. It’s important to understand the broader dynamics at play in international politics and focus on addressing domestic challenges that directly impact the lives of the Nigerian people. Instead of taking sides in a foreign dispute, Nigerians should work toward improving their own well-being and securing a better future for your country.

If your ancestral or personal land is not in dispute between the Arabs and Jews in Gaza, West Bank or Jerusalem…. Biko try get small sense and manage your local frustrations and wahala. Naija no get bone inside their beef.

©George Brown contributes from Rivers State of Nigeria

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