Attacking Israel. was in fulfillment of our duty and we rely on Allah/Yemen Armed Forces

The official spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier Yahya Saree, statements: “Faced with the heinous Israeli-American aggression against the Gaza Strip, it was necessary for us to fulfill our duty, relying on Allah, in support of the just cause of the beloved Palestinian people. We have launched a large batch of ballistic and winged missiles, as well as a significant number of drones, at various targets in the occupied territories. We confirm that this operation is the third in support of our oppressed brothers in Palestine. We will continue to carry out more precise strikes with missiles and drones until the Israeli aggression stops. The stance of our Yemeni people towards the Palestinian issue is unwavering and principled, and the Palestinian people have the full right to self-defense and the attainment of their full rights. What destabilizes the region and expands the circle of conflict is the continued commission of crimes and massacres by the enemy against the people of Gaza and all of Palestine.”


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