Regional security alliance yields fruits, as hundreds of terrorists fleeing Burkina Faso are neutralised in Niger

– News From The Frontline, November 9th, 2023. Today, around 5am, hundred of terrorists who came on motorbikes and cars tried to attack a military base in Burkina Faso, fatal mistake! After a couple of minutes of combat, the survivors tried to escape. As usually, they fled and crossed over to Niger


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. When I say that Niger under

@mohamedbazoum was our Achilles’ heel, people think I’m exaggerating. No! They could find refuge in Niger where thousands of French soldiers were stationed there. This is why I will reiterate it, Bazoum had to be removed if we ever wanted to win this war! So, as they fled to Niger not knowing that General Tiani was waiting for them, they hid in a locality 3km from our border with Niger, and thought they were safe. Then, fire

. This is what the Alliance of Sahel States (ASS) is all about! Well done, and long live the ASS! A luta continua!/Sy Marcus Herve Traore mon “X”

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