6 people flee after the Burkinabe Govt requisitioned them for the frontline, for criticising conduct of war against terrorists

Breaking Burkina Faso – Six Deserters Among Those Who Have Been Requisitioned For The Frontline. Here are 6 people who fled to Côte d’Ivoire after the gov’t requisitioned them for the frontline. I know all of them by name, but there’s no need to give out their names. Folks, these people were always on television panels debating, talking about “patriotism”, and yet, when the nation called for them, they run. Why? So, they finally realized and know that the frontline is not a joke nor a playground, and yet they have the audacity to downplay the sacrifice of our soldiers and our fallen ones? I already wrote a post on why one journalist, many more activists and civil societies leaders have been requisitioned. They claim the gov’t has not improved the security of the nation, that there are human rights violations, and restrictions of free speech and freedom of the press, relaying exactly what western MSM has been spreading about our country. We are clear on this: we’ll shut down all media, local or international that will embark on western propaganda, and if you’re a Burkinabè, you’ll go to the frontline, and show us how to do it better than our soldiers. So, what does it tell you? We must watch out for the traitors from within who are more dangerous than the enemies from without. These people were never sincere and truthful, and yet they run their big mouths on television stations and on their Facebook pages. We will never forget their cowardice, and I hope when I return home, they will learn to keep their mouths shut and behave properly! Again, no room for those who relay western propaganda! A luta continua! …Sy Marcus herve Traoreon “X”


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