Burkina Faso suspends privileges attached to diplomatic bags

Burkina Faso has taken the unusual step of suspending the privileges attached to diplomatic bags,(a container in which official mail is sent to or from an embassy, which is not subject to customs inspection) which prevents them from being inspected by the host states. Ill-intentioned nations had abused this privilege to import contraband and export them to rebels or destabilising actors.
Nations have always use the channels covered by international conventions to destabilize our countries. The UN, France and company are champions in this area. Example: You are told that these are boxes of humanitarian donations that the UN is delivering, while inside there areweapons. Perfidy is prohibited in international relations. From the moment you experience it, you have the right to protect yourself. I hope others will follow this example. Too proud of this government& of Foreign Minister Olivia Rouamba. We are catching up with their evil acts.


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