Burkinabe forces obliterate more terrorists in recent attacks/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Burkina Faso


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– News from the frontline, November 13th, 2023. Early in the morning of November 13th, the operations started around 2am in the Boucle du Mouhoun region (Western region) based on intel they received about a terrorist base. So, they monitored the base until sunrise, and went into action. One survivor tried to escape but ended up falling and died, surely he was hit. The base was completely destroyed, and the stolen cattle finally freed. Later on in the morning, between the road Bourzanga and Kongoussi (my birth place), our soldiers fell under an ambush. After both sides exchanged fire, the enemies fled, leaving behind the dead bodies of their fellow criminals, motorbikes and a few weapons. The VDPs (Volunteers for the Defense of the Motherland) recovered the logistics and continued on their mission. But they alerted those who operate the drones, and they went after the escapees. Then they discovered the house that the armed terrorists groups use as headquarters. As you can see, they came in their big numbers and went inside a big house, to treat their wounded. Then, fire

, and only 6 escaped and run towards the hoods of the village. Now, it was the turn of the helicopters to take over and finish up the survivors. All the hidden places, the hoods have completely been destroyed. The troops on the ground checked everything, recovered the logistics and finished up the job. The dead are many. The gov’t showed some blurry pictures and the weapons they recovered, but I have the real pictures. I would like to make something clear here. Yesterday, there was a naysayer here who was questioning the authenticity of these operations, and asking why no other news media was covering this. Well, we shut down all the western fake news media like



@TV5MONDE etc who like him, were always questioning this. They were even saying that these are simulations or manipulated images just to discredit what our soldiers are doing, and yet, everyone can see that this is concrete. One last thing, there are some Burkinabè too who also repeat like parrots

the same western propaganda. As a matter of fact, there’s one Burkinabè journalist who was also in denial, his name is Ismael Ouédraogo. The soldiers grabbed him and took him to the frontline to witness it for himself

. Since the day he returned from the frontline, he is now calm and less talkative. I don’t know if he has been in shock of seeing dead bodies, but sometimes, some people need to see it with their naked eyes before they come to their senses. Even the one narrating the operations, Mr Bienvenue Taonsa is always in the air with the soldiers operating the helicopters. Anyway, the facts speak for themselves, and yes, if we have to wipe out all the terrorists to recover our land, although the naysayers claim it’s a genocide lol, so be it! One thing is sure, no room nor mercy for Africans who kill their fellow Africans on behalf of the imperialists! No mercy! A luta continua!

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