Malians celebrate the reclamation of Kidal amidst western media black out

Folks, have you heard any words of encouragement or congratulations from the so called “international minority community” to the Malian military for liberating Kidal? Is there any? Have you seen a statement from the criminal organization called


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@UN and its occupying forces @UN_MINUSMA who were cooperating with the terrorists? Again, the world doesn’t give a damn about us. Let that sink in! But worst, have you seen an statement from the @ecowas_cedeao or @_AfricanUnion

? . These are the institutions that claim to represent us, but they are actually the enemies from within that keep impeding our struggle to liberate ourselves from imperialism. The useless and incompetent leaders at these regional and continental levels are always prompt to condemn us whenever their masters asked them to, but when their voices are supposed to be loud and clear in moments like these, they are nowhere to be found. Anyway, Burkina Faso and Niger both released statements to congratulate Mali on this victory, that’s all that matters to me. But let’s forget about these useless organizations, they are actually working against Africa. The Alliance of Sahel States, let’s unite quickly and forget about these organizations!
by Sy marcus Herve Traore


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