Burkina Faso fights terrorists patriotically now/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Burkina Faso – News from the frontline, November 18th, 2023. Based on intel our army gathered, they found that the terrorists were planning major attacks in various towns. They were in their big numbers as you can see. So, the armed forces monitored the movements of the terrorists on motorbikes and Toyota pickups from November 17th to November 18th. By the way, how in the world the French and the imperialists along with their occupying forces couldn’t see these terrorists in their big numbers, despite the drones, fighter planes, helicopters, satellites they have? And yet, we can see them? You see, the truth is, they weren’t in the Sahel to fight terrorism, they were there to keep it ongoing so that they can remain in our lands as long as it takes, and to keep looting the ressources. Remember, a destabilized region or destabilized Africa benefits them well. You see, this is a rhetorical question, because y’all know that the West created terrorism in the Sahel, after they bombed Libya and cowardly killed Gaddafi. Back to our case, so they watched the movements of the terrorists and discovered an important base with their logistics: weapons, ammunitions, fuel, explosives etc. Then they opened fire and because the base had explosives, you can see the effect of the explosion. Some terrorists tried to save some of their logistics, too late for that. They were all hit. The troops on the ground also engaged in the hostilities to finish up the job. Folks, you can see the amount of logistics these terrorists have. Who gave them them Toyota pickups and the weapons? It is clear that this is state sponsored terrorism. There are evil forces that are arming these terrorists, no doubt about it, to destabilize our countries. The Alliance of Sahel States (ASS) clearly told us that they know those who sponsor the terrorists, starting with France . This is why our three countries had to sack first the French from our territories. And yet, when we wipe out these terrorists who have been killing innocent people, raping women, the same Western fake news media will starting writing articles and going live on television that we are committing genocide against minorities, especially the Fulani. So, we should just sit back and do nothing? . These people are shameless! I even read an article that


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wrote depicting negatively how Burkina Faso and Niger helped Mali in liberating Kidal . Smh! It’s funny how these people wish we all perish so that they can have our lands. Sorry, dear collective West, you won’t be able to wipe out the black man from the face of the earth. You ancestors tried, but they failed, so will also fail, until the end of time!


, there’s nothing you can do to prevent us from liberating ourselves. We will wipe out all your terrorists in the Sahel! That’s a promise! Long live the ASS! A luta continua!

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