Tinubu’s APC is heaping the whole blames on Buhari’s APC/Mr Romeo

Q. Who made the policy?(40% withholding of university fees)


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A. APC !!!

Q. Who implemented the policy without thinking?

A. APC !!!

Q. Who reversed the it when they discovered the folly and un-implementability of the policy?

A. APC !!!

Now let me tell its defenders how incompetent and inept the government they’re defending is. The last government made the policy and despite its crass incompetence it saw the futility of its implementation and left it hanging. But this act-first-n-think-later godforsaken government implemented it on assumption of office only to discover the folly of the policy.

And just like the removal of subsidy the last government always provided for subsidy in its supplementary budgets after excluding it in the original budget because of the untold hardships on the masses. It did same with its last budget only for the current demonic government to insist on its total removal and now paying same subsidy clandestinely.

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